"Queen Lucia and Miss Mapp" by E. F. Benson (Kindle Edition) - Preview Available

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Queen Lucia:
Queen of a salon anachronisms, in a neo-Elizabethan village, dispenser of certified culture, stopping at nothing to insure her prestige, lisping profundities in baby talk and sparse but sonorous Italian to her favored satellites; that is the central figure in this delightfully witty take-off of one of those elaborately self-conscious communities, where a nice balance of sentimentality and credulity so easily pass for the soulful.


Miss Mapp:
From the bow window of her garden room which commanded an excellent view of her street and her neighbors, the ill-natured and inquisitive Miss Mapp observed the High Street of Tilling and the social movements of her neighbors, sometimes supplementing her view by observations from her roof with a pair of binoculars. From her window she planned the strategy of her spiteful campaigns and watched with a special vigilance the doings of her two bachelor neighbors, Major Flint and Captain Puffin. The story is satirical thruout, a malicious picture of life in a small town, its bridge and tea parties, its gossip, meanness and snobbery. It has a few comic situations.