Failed Pilots

The ones that didn't quite make it to the boob tube.

The Plot Thickens (Unsold Pilot from 1963)
An unsold TV pilot from 1963 called "The Plot Thickens". Same concept as the early 1950s series "Crawford Mystery Theatre" (of which only a single kinescope survives...anyone able to hel us find it; olease email us. In this pilot, a panel is shown a short film about a crime, and then has to guess who the guilty person is. Features Groucho Marx as one of the panel members.

Meet the Family (Unsold Pilot from 1954)
Unsold television pilot starring Arthur Lake, with guest star Hans Conried. This is a comedy. Lake's character tries to sell a bunch of surfboards to a hotel owner. There's a funny recurring joke where telephones shake when somebody is calling. Marion Davies co-authored the script to this pilot.

Daddy-O (Failed Pilot from 1961)
Failed TV pilot from 1961 called "Daddy-O". This sitcom pilot is filled with twists! Odd, But amusing. The reason it wasn't probably wasn't picked up is because the writers would run out of storylines quickly. It's worth watching.