Children's Shows

Super Circus - 1956
This episode of "Super Circus" is complete with original commercials. "Super Circus" was, as it's name suggests, A televised circus show.

Howdy Doody - April 1, 1952
An artistic masterpiece from the early 1950's, this episode of "Howdy Doody" comes from the 1st of April, 1952. As such, the episode starts with a practical joke which probably annoyed many people. This episode also contains lots of advertising for the sponsors, including Colgate Dental Cream and Kellogg's cereal. Like many TV broadcasts from this period, this episode features some talk about elections, though in a safe and light-hearted manner suited to the program's young audience.

Juvenile Jury - 1953, Hosted by Jack Barry
This has been uploaded before, but hopefully this upload has better picture quality....if it doesn't, I promise to delete it. A 1950s panel show featuring young kids answering questions and problems sent in to the show. Yes, this is the infamous episode where a child reveals she has been given the questions in advance. There are perhaps 3 or so other surviving episodes...I'd love to see them.

Lassie - The Tree House -1956
Popular entertainment from the 1950s. Two kids build a tree house. Problems ensue. Naturally, Lassie saves the day. This seems to be an example where one or two episodes fell out of copyright, but the rest were properly registered and renewed.