The Frank Sinatra Timex Show - May 12, 1960
Frank Sinatra's Welcome Home Party for Elvis Presley. Love Me Tender/Witchcraft medley (performed by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley)

Bobby Darin and Friends - 1961 TV Special
1961 TV special starring Bobby Darin, Joanie Sommers and Bob Hope.

Your Hit Parade - February 27, 1954
An episode of "Your Hit Parade", a 1950s TV show featuring covers of the top hits of the week. Songs in this episode are: "That's Amore", "Changing Partners", "Stranger in Paradise", "Heart of My Heart" (WTF!), "Man and Woman", "Oh My Pa-Pa", and "Secret Love". Cast members are: Snooky Lanson, Dorothy Collins, Gisèle MacKenzie and Russell Arms. Also contains original commercials for Lucky Strike cigarettes and Crosley refrigerators.

The Colgate Comedy Hour - September 19, 1954
An episode of "The Colgate Comedy Hour", with host Eddie Fisher, and the following guests: comedy-music group The Vagabonds, singer Peggy Lee, ballet dancers Maria Tallchief & Frederic Franklin, violinist Mischa Elman, singer & trumpet player Louis Armstrong, and boxer Rocky Marciano.

The Chevy Show - 1958
An episode of "The Chevy Show". This episode features Edie Adams, Janet Blair, John Raitt, Carol Burnett, and Mickey Shaughnessy. A fun variety show from 1958, telecast live. Contains the original commercials. Unfortunately, a watermark appears during one of Edie's segments. Ugh.

The Buick Berle Show - 1954
A 1954 episode of Milton Berle's "The Buick-Berle Show", a variety series. In this episode, we have a sketch mocking canned laughter, Milton meeting a wacky teenager, an interestingly dated dancing sequence, scenes with Milton pretending to break his leg, and a special name-dropping opening song about television. Picture quality is not so good. Obviously Buick's attempt at aiming at a well-endowed television audience. The series aired on NBC and was live, something mentioned in the show itself.

The Ed Wynn Show (1949 - 1950)
Episodes from the comic/variety series from early TV.