The Unexplained

Unimaginable, inexplicable, and/or weird television treatments that made its way from unrealized darkness to the front of TV's cathode tube, then leaping into the mindless heads of the American viewers.  (enjoy?)

Once Upon a Honeymoon - 1956
Intended purpose: To be a delightful musical made to promote color telephones as a decorator accessory in the home.
Broadway choreographer Gower Champion directed this stylized musical fantasy, in glorious fifties Technicolor, to push the Bell System's new color-coordinated telephones. A weird plot, strange characters, surreal imagery and lots of singing and dancing make for a strange yet entertaining film.

Man of Action - 1955
Weird tale blaming the devil for slums. In this short, the voice of 'the devil' sounds unerringly similar to Ray Ralston, who arrives here just off the heels of his Broadway run as the devil in "Damn Yankees." I apologize if I'm wrong, but please do take a listen.

Cliché Family in Televisionland - 1965(?)
This outrageous parody of the prototype 'commercial' family was apparently made as an in-house joke by one of the largest producers of television commercials. Their clients would have never seen this gem, which parodies products as well as the people that buy them.

'Telephone Etiquette' by U.S. Department of Indian Affairs (1952)
Instructional film targeted at Native American youth. Weird and somewhat condescending instructional film about how to use the phone. Why are the kids here shown as servants to the white man? Also, the narrator says (twice!) that there are three words you must remember when using the phone. "Please", "Thank You" and "I'm Sorry". That's five words, not three. Lastly, the entire short is flat out bizarre.