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"Get Your Man" (1927)
A Film by Dorothy Arzner, Starring Clara Bow

"Miss Lulu Betts" (1921)
Based on a Play by Zona Gale, Directed by William de Mille

"The Flapper" (1920)
Starring Olive Thomas, Directed by Alan Crosland

"Manhatta" (1921)
By artist Charles Sheeler & photographer Paul Strand

"Oliver Twist" (1922)
A Film by Frank Lloyd, Starring Jackie Coogan and Lon Chaney Sr.

"Lady Windermere's Fan" (1925)
A Film by Ernst Lubistch Based on the Play by Oscar Wilde

"Children of Divorce" (1927)
Starring Clara Bow, Esther Ralston & Gary Cooper, Directed Frank Lloyd

"Black Oxen" (1923)
Starring Clara Bow, Written by Gertrude Atherton, Directed by Frank Lloyd

"Man with a Movie Camera" (1929)
A man travels around a city with a camera slung over his shoulder, documenting urban life with dazzling new invention. Director: Dziga Vertov, Writer: Dziga Vertov (scenario).

"The Wizard Of Oz" (1925)
Young Dorothy (Dorothy Dwan), a farm girl from Kansas, discovers that she's actually Princess Dorothea, the royal heir to a faraway kingdom called Oz. Suddenly, a powerful tornado whisks Dorothy, her uncle Henry (Frank Alexander) and three farmhands to the magical kingdom. There Dorothy is hailed as the queen of the land by all except authoritarian Prime Minister Kruel (Joseph Swickard), who casts a curse on Dorothy in an attempt maintain his dictatorial reign.

"Hula" (1927)
The daughter of a pineapple plantation owner in Hawaii sets her sights on a married English engineer... Directed by Victor Fleming and Starring Clara Bow

"Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans" (1927)
An allegorical tale about a man fighting the good and evil within him. Both sides are made flesh - one a sophisticated woman he is attracted to and the other his wife.