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The most important book of the year is H. G. Wells' latest novel, "Men Like Gods," it taking precedence over all others by reason of its theme; for while other writers deal with Life as it is lived, Wells deals with Life as it might be lived,— could be lived if man would but "take hold." Like its predecessor, "The Undying Fire," this later book stands emphatically for man's "taking hold."

Always his protest is against accepted conventions and traditions. His preachment is always that man shall not stand idly by and let "Nature take her course," for Wells would not leave things for blind nature to work out unaided. Wells is scientific. He knows Nature for what she is, not for what a large body of people believe her to be. He knows that Nature obeys one law, the law of "Men Like Gods" is virtually a sequel to "The Undying Fire", for it is an imaginative document of a Utopia resulting from man's having taken Life into his own hands.

--Correct English and Current Literary Review, Volume 24 [1923]