"The J. F. Bone Reader - From the Golden Age of Science Fiction" (Kindle Edition) - Preview Available

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These stories are from
The Golden Age of Science Fiction
and were written by J. F. Bone.

This collection includes:

Founding Father
The Issahar Artifacts
The Lani People
Noble Redman
On the Fourth Planet
A Prize for Edie
A Question of Courage
Survival Type
To Choke an Ocean

About the Author:

J. F. Bone was a veterinarian, in the US Veterinary Corps for many years until 1976; subsequently a professor of veterinary medicine and author who began publishing sf with "Survival Type" for Galaxy in March 1957. His first sf novel, "The Lani People" (1962), is his most memorable, perhaps especially for the guilty and/or atavistic pleasures afforded male readers through his depiction of the Alien Lani, human-like females only happy when naked and when pleasing males; in the end, his account of the costs to this folk of human exploitation is graphically related.