"The John Berryman Reader - From the Golden Age of Science Fiction" (Kindle Edition) - Preview Available

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These short stories are from
The Golden Age of Science Fiction
and were written by John Berryman.

This collection includes:

Card ... Trick
The Right Time
Modus Vivendi
The Trouble with Telstar

About the Author:

US author and economist who was chief executive officer of a hardware wholesale company; author of some two dozen stories, beginning with "Special Flight" for Astounding in May 1939 and ending with "The Big Dish" (November 1986 Analog). His most anthologized story is "BEROM" (January 1951 Astounding), in which initially incomprehensible visiting Aliens prove to be speaking in a UK commercial telegraph code of the 1920s that they picked up via radio (see Linguistics). "The Trouble with Telstar" (June 1963 Analog) centres on an engineer who travels into space to repair an elusive fault in the indicated Communications satellite (the first experimental AT&T Telstar satellite had been launched into orbit by NASA in July 1962). As Walter Bupp, Berryman also wrote a series of linked Telekinesis tales for Analog in the early 1960s, beginning with "Vigorish" (June 1960 Astounding/Analog).